06/ 19/ 18

What To Do in Denver: An Insider’s Guide

Enjoying a night in Denver's Union Station

Denver, Colorado is one of those rare places where there’s no “best time” to visit. With 300 days of sunshine, you’ll get 70-degree days in the dead of winter, but can drive two hours West to find powdery, snowy bliss at world-class ski resorts. In the summer, Denver is synonymous with poolside barbecues on tall city rooftops, microbrewery hopping, and riding bikes absolutely everywhere. And, from peeping stunning panoramas of foliage, to blazing trails in the Rocky Mountains — there’s no shortage of things to enjoy in between. Read more »

03/ 07/ 18

How to Slow Down When Things Are Speeding Up

Snaps from an overnight getaway in Del Norte, Colorado

Holy moly, you guys. The last time I wrote a blog post for Scratch The List, my life was wildly different. I had just left a tumultuous 9-5 working at a tech startup, and was re-learning to reset, get healthy, and establish a new routine. Slant’d launched, but I had not yet embarked on the whirlwind roller coaster that I’m currently riding. Right now it feels like I’m hanging upside-down on a loop, completely suspended mid-air — but I also feel more grounded than ever.Read more »

08/ 30/ 17

Your Guide to the Perfect Weekend Getaway in Seattle

If living in the Bay Area has taught me anything, it’s that saltwater and oceanfront views are nature’s greatest forms of therapy. That’s why Seattle, Washington has long been on my list of potential places to live. It’s got the Puget Sound on its left and Lake Washington to its right, a drool-worthy foodie culture, and the perfect balance between vibrant city life and the great outdoors. What more could a girl want?Read more »

11/ 29/ 16

A Gluttonous Tour of New York City’s Bakeries

cronut from Dominique Ansel Bakery

If you know me in the slightest, you’ll likely know that I have a huge sweet tooth — my eyes beeline straight for the dessert section when scanning through a menu, I think about donuts on the daily, and I’m more cavity-prone than a five year-old. So when I had just two days to complete a bakery tour of New York City? Game on.Read more »

09/ 11/ 16

A Week in Costa Rica: Rest and Revelations

Kristen on the beach in Nosara

A few months ago, I indulged in a week-long yoga retreat in Costa Rica with my soul sista, Kristen. We traveled to Nosara, a small, lush beach town on the Pacific Coast known for being a Blue Zone — a place where statistically, people live past 100 years-old at 10 times the average rate. After spending a week on the island, it was easy to see why. From its abundance of antioxidant-rich superfoods to its focus on holistic well-being, conscious living is an all-encompassing lifestyle in Costa Rica.

Read more »

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