04/ 15/ 16

A Perfect Day in San Francisco

A travel guide to San Francisco

In an attempt to get in touch with my artistic side, I’m excited to say that Scratch The List has a new blog series, “A Perfect Day”! Anyone ever read Amelia’s Notebooks as a youngin’? I was obsessed. So here I am, channeling my imaginative, doodling middle school self to bring you mini travel guides to my favorite cities around the world. Read more »

03/ 27/ 16

The Mystic Charm of Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico

There’s something about Santa Fe that has inspired artists and magnetized a creative mecca for centuries. Perhaps it’s the quality of the crisp Southwestern light, the city’s layered history rich in Spanish and Native American roots, or the earthy, Pueblo-style architecture that makes you long for simpler times — whichever the case, Santa Fe’s artistic magic is undeniable to anyone who explores it.Read more »

11/ 06/ 15

On the Road

The road trip begins

I recently left the Bay Area for the Rocky Mountains of Denver, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to repurpose my move into a road trip.  My mom, who had driven with me from CO to CA before, was first in line to volunteer as trusty road trip companion. Read more »

10/ 02/ 15

A Love Letter to San Francisco

San Francisco's Iconic Golden Gate Bridge

Every time I ride the 101 from SFO to my apartment in downtown San Francisco, I get a lump in my throat. If you’ve never seen it, it’s breathtaking. You coast along sparking water to your right, and to your left – hills upon hills that roll with fog and twinkling lights from rows of Victorian homes. I can’t help but think, “Damn. I live in the greatest city in the world.”Read more »

11/ 16/ 14

A Day in Tomales Bay

Tomales Bay

A few weeks ago my dearest friend Amanda came to visit San Francisco. We were able to squeeze in quite a few things during her short visit – late-night eats at La Taqueria, a day of shopping in Haight-Ashbury, date night at my favorite Vietnamese spot, morning yoga at Yoga to the People, a drive around the Stanford campus that made us nostalgic for our college days – among many other things. On Saturday we drove up to Tomales Bay, and I couldn’t help but laugh at her amazement of the different landscapes we passed through. The bay lends itself to incredible waterfront views as you drive out of the city, scenic hillsides further up north, and a forested state park nested in between sleepy, small towns that remind me of upstate New York.Read more »

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