11/ 06/ 15

On the Road

The road trip begins

I recently left the Bay Area for the Rocky Mountains of Denver, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to repurpose my move into a road trip.  My mom, who had driven with me from CO to CA before, was first in line to volunteer as trusty road trip companion. We rented a Ford Explorer – legit big enough to comfortably sleep a family of four – and packed it to a T on a nippy San Francisco morning. I said a tearful goodbye to my roomie and resident BFF Jamie, and my mom and I were off on our Great American Adventure.

It blows my mind how much natural beauty exists in places most people consider “the middle of nowhere.” We were in constant awe at the changing landscapes – never-ending open plains, massive rock formations with colored layers that look like sculpted sand art, wind turbines perched atop hills like giant pinwheels. The expansiveness of the open road lends itself to my favorite feeling of all – pure exhilaration, knowing that you could get lost on an unmarked road with no cell service. (Side note: It’s pretty much impossible to get lost forever these days but a girl can dream amiright?)

My most memorable moments from this trip include:

5. indulging in all-day McDonald’s breakfast

4. wandering around Zion National Park on a perfectly sunny fall afternoon

3. checking into our room at Kokopelli Lodgings to discover that it was an enormous, charmingly furnished one-bedroom apartment

2. stumbling across “Ghost Rock” again, an eerie viewpoint we passed on our reverse road trip two years ago – this time we actually drove through it on an appropriately dark and misty evening

1. my mom involuntarily shouting “OH SHIT!” at the onset of a sudden torrent of rain

Peep some photos from the road trip below!

pit stop at Slash X Ranch Cafe in Barstow, CA

Hunter enjoying the sun at our hotel in Zion

entering Zion National Park!

Hunter’s favorite activity: rolling around in sand

Did I mention that Hunter likes to roll around in the sand?

at Kokopelli Lodgings in Moab, Utah

at the base of Arches National Park

one happy pup!

one happy pup!

Aspens changing leaves as we passed through Breckenridge Aspens changing leaves as we passed through Breckenridge

home sweet home!

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