05/ 22/ 16

Reminders of Gratitude at The Lantern Festival

Shot of Denver's first Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is a lustrous celebration of Chinese New Year, where people illuminate lanterns with wishes for good fortune and new beginnings off into the night sky. It’s something I’ve always wanted to attend, and I’ve envisioned my first lantern festivity taking place in Taiwan, where my dad is from, or at least somewhere authentically in Asia.Read more »

05/ 10/ 16

Uganda: 3 Adventures of a Lifetime

Uganda, Kibale Forest - Mel at Top of the World

Hey, Scratch the List readers! I’m Mel, a twenty-something writer and traveller. I hope you enjoy this guest post, and that one day, you get to visit Uganda. Thanks, Kat, for so kindly having me!

Uganda, I miss you. I miss your radiant smiles and dusty red roads. I miss your reverence for Bob Marley and vibrant sense of rhythm. I miss Kampala’s traffic-weaving boda-bodas and honking midday chaos. I miss Kibale’s wild forest creatures and glittering stars. I miss Jinja’s glorious sunsets and the divine stillness of the River Nile.Read more »

04/ 25/ 16

What Balancing On My Head Taught Me About Fear

What balancing on my head taught me about fear

I remember my very first yoga class. My friend Lauren dragged me, along with a few of our other sorority sisters, to a magical place called Blackbird Yoga in Ithaca, New York. We closed that class with ten wheel poses. As I write this five years later, I realize that ten urdhva dhanurasanas in a row is a pretty intense sequence even for an experienced yogi, let alone someone brand new. I must’ve been crazy, or at least a little loopy from back-bending — either way, I was hooked.Read more »

04/ 15/ 16

A Perfect Day in San Francisco

A travel guide to San Francisco

In an attempt to get in touch with my artistic side, I’m excited to say that Scratch The List has a new blog series, “A Perfect Day”! Anyone ever read Amelia’s Notebooks as a youngin’? I was obsessed. So here I am, channeling my imaginative, doodling middle school self to bring you mini travel guides to my favorite cities around the world. Read more »

04/ 05/ 16

The Pursuit of Less: How to Find More Time In Your Day

The Pursuit of Doing Less: How To Find More Time In Your DayAbout two years ago, I stumbled upon this article by Mark Mason titled “Fuck Yes or No.” In it, a simple, yet powerful concept is explained (apologies in advance for the profanity). Basically, if you want to get romantically involved with someone new, they must inspire you to say “Fuck Yes!” And, if it’s not a “Fuck Yes,” that decision should be, in essence, a “Fuck No.”Read more »

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