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Snapshots of Ubud

Sunrise in Ubud, Bali

My two-week trip to Ubud, Bali was a magical adventure. It’s a colorful, spiritual place with lush greenery, healing foods, and kind-hearted people. Here are my favorite photos from the trip!

Durian Tree in Ubud, Bali
for your safety

Mangosteen in Ubud, Bali
a photoshoot with my beloved mangosteen – can’t get it in the States!

Lewak Coffee Bali
Lewak coffee and tea tasting with my cousin, whom I serendipitously met halfway around the world!

Shiitake Mushroom Patties

shiitake mushroom patties from Soma – my favorite dish of the entire trip

Tithra Empul Temple

a ceremony at Tithra Empul temple

Om Swastiastu - Welcome
om swastiastu, or “welcome”

Clear Cafe Ubud Bali
Clear Cafe, a beautiful space with organic & locally sourced food – pretty much a norm in Ubud

Dragonfruit Smoothie in Ubud, Bali

yum! a drafonfruit smoothie

Rice Paddies in Ubud, Bali
exploring the Rice Paddies – a must-do in Bal

Legong Balinese Dance
Legong, a traditional Balinese dance

Soma Courtyard in Ubud, Bali
the courtyard at Soma, a hangout spot for backpackers with delicious smoothies and raw food

Sunrise in Ubud, Bali
the sunrise on my last day in Bali – until next time!

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